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There are Universal Foundation for Better Living member churches, centers, and study groups all over North America and the Caribbean. UFBL ministries offer a stimulating, Bible-based approach to practical Christianity. We embrace and celebrate diversity, and we open our doors and offer our teachings to all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or creed. If you are ready to live joyfully and learn how to have the abundant life that God intends for you, visit a UFBL church or center today. If there is no UFBL site in your city, email for information on connecting to ministries online.

Member Churches - USA

Rev. Sherri JamesSherri James, Senior Minister

Della Reese-Lett, Founding Minister

8722 Crenshaw Blvd • Inglewood, CA 90039

(310) 412-7729 Email:  • Website:

Charles M. Taylor, Senior Minister

Dr. Mary A. Tumpkin, Founding Minister

21310 N. W. 37th Avenue, Miami Gardens, Florida 33056

(305) 624-4991 • Fax (305) 628-2008 • Website:

Rev. Derrick B. WellsDerrick Wells, Senior Minister

11901 South Ashland Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60643

(773) 568-2282 • Fax (773) 568-2268


Rev. R.J.W. Hubbard

Robert J.W. Hubbard, Spiritual Director

Jean Dade-Batchie, Founding Minister

5109 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60651 (773) 261-3071 or (773) 261-9793


Rev. Helen Cooper

Helen Cooper, Senior Minister

Correspondence: 5415 N. Sheridan Road – Unit 2906, Chicago, Illinois 60640

 (773) 561 8701 • Fax (773) 561-8277



Rev. Bernette JonesBernette Jones, Senior Minister

3605 Coronado Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21244

(410) 496-5188 • Fax (410) 496-5270 • E-mail:


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Helen Coleman, Senior Minister

10205 West McNichols, Detroit, Michigan 48221

(313) 863-2897 • E-mail:

Rev. Joyce Anderson

Joyce Anderson, Senior Minister

577 Albany Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11203

(718) 940-8700 • Fax (718) 940-3390



Charles Stevens,   Interim Senior Minister

1850 Belmore Road, East Cleveland, Ohio 44112 • (216) 249-0330 



Dorothy Wilson, Senior Minister

1850 Belmore Road, East Cleveland, Ohio 44112 • (216) 249-0330 



Member Churches - Canada

Lameteria Hall, Senior Minister

Evan Reid, Founding Minister

447-449 Vaughan Road, Toronto, ON M6C2P4

(416) 240-1956 • Fax (416) 240-1953 • Website:

Member Churches - CARIBBEAN

Rev. Dr. Sheila McKeithen

Sheila McKeithen, Senior Minister

Office & Bookstore: 2 Seymour Avenue, #18, Seymour Park, Kingston 10, Jamaica

Worship: 15 Collins Green Ave., Kingston 10, Jamaica

(876) 927-6708 or (954) 271-6983 (USA) • Fax (876) 978-1141

E-mail: Website:

Rev. Claudia Gibbs

Claudia Gibbs, Senior Minister

40 LaPuerta Avenue, Diego Martin, Trinidad, West Indies • (868) 232-6239


Member Churches - South America

Rev. Hazel Barker

Hazel Barker, Senior Minister

G Norton & Chapel Street Lodge, Georgetown, Guyana, South America

(592)-227-0966 or (592)-226-0443

Study Groups - USA

Rev. E. Peggy Kenner

Peggy Kenner, Minister / Director

Mailing Address: Oasis Rising Ministries, Inc., 2251 N. Rampart Blvd.

Unit 2537, Las Vegas, Nevada 89128

(702) 804-8189 • Fax (702) 804-9272 • E-mail: Website:

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Alverta G. Bowens, Co-facilitator Alethia C. Meares, Co-facilitator

(843) 801-1756 | (843) 327-1340

Mailing Address: 24 Shadowmoss Parkway, Charleston, South Carolina 29414

Meeting Location: 2014 Reynolds Ave., N. Charleston, South Carolina 29405


Rev. Dr. Anna Price

Anna Price, Minister / Director
*Satellite of Universal Truth Center

21310 N.W. 37th Avenue, Miami Gardens, Florida 33056 • (305) 898-8469

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Maia Johnson, Teacher/Director

21310 N.W. 37th Avenue, Miami Gardens, Florida 33056

(305) 624-4991



Bobbyjane Bastian, Administrator

P.O. Box N10043, Madeira Street, Nassau, Bahamas



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Affirmation is the activity of establishing in mind the truth of god. It is a conscious effort to bring the truth of god into the awareness for the individual to act and respond from the truth. Affirmative prayer is the act of stimulating the inspiration with the growing awareness of oneness spirituality brings, while being involved in one’s day to day activities.

Prayer Request

Your prayer requests will be handled with love and care by our Prayer Ministers who are praying around the clock. We will pray with your request for the next thirty days. You will also receive an email from our prayer ministry with prayers that you, too, can pray. The UFBL Global Prayer Ministry can even be contacted by phone, email, or letter. Prayer Ministers are waiting to pray with you.

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