The Mission of the Foundation is to organize, coordinate and encourage the establishment, growth and development of its member churches, centers and study groups.

The Universal Foundation for Better Living aspires to be an empowering agent that prepares and supports leaders and their congregations to do ministry effectively in the world.


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The Universal Foundation for Better Living (U.F.B.L.) is an international association of New Thought Christian churches, centers, and study groups dedicated to spreading the abundant life teachings of Jesus the Christ. Established by the Reverend Dr. Johnnie Colemon in 1974, this not-for-profit foundation’s aim is to make the empowering principles of practical Christianity accessible to all people. The New Thought teachings of the Universal Foundation for Better Living offer “Truth students” the tools to study and interpret the Bible, apply its ancient wisdom to everyday life, and reconnect with the indwelling presence and power of God.