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Posted by Mitchell Walthour | 05 May 2017| Events, News
Panorama of Truth Speaker: The Rev. J. Edwin Bacon

POT Featured Speaker: The Rev. J. Edwin Bacon   Ed Bacon is an Episcopal priest and a national voice on issues of faith and justice for all regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. His energies focus on leadership in anxious times; living a love-based life as opposed to a fear-based life; peacemaking; interfaith...

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Posted by Mitchell Walthour | 04 April 2017| Events, Johnnie Coleman Theological Seminary
The Politics of Jesus: What Does the Bible Say?

After exploring "Christianity, Racism, and White Privilege" at last year's colloquium, the Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary (JCTS) is gearing up for another exciting forum. This year, the world of religion and politics will collide as we tackle, "The Politics of Jesus: What Does the Bible Say?" The Seminary’s Provost, the Reverend Dr. Anna Price, was able...

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Posted by Mitchell Walthour | 16 January 2017| Abundance & Prosperity, Inspiration
Thoughts Become Things

“If you knew how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” -- Peace Pilgrim Mike Dooley kicks off his bestseller, Infinite Possibilities, with Thoughts Become Things. He writes, “Our thoughts are what is ‘real’; they’re the starting point of all that will become tangible in our lives, …nothing plays a greater role in how...

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Posted by Sheree Thompson | 28 December 2016| Career & Purpose, Inspiration, UFBL Ministers, Uncategorized
Just because it’s out of your reach doesn’t mean it’s not yours

Time and again in scripture we see the vision that God gave just out of reach of the person or people He gave it to. Often times life seems to imitate this same motif where the vision that God gives us seems to be just out of our reach. That it is just beyond our...

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Posted by Sheree Thompson | 16 July 2016| Daily Inspiration, Uncategorized
Prayer for the Day

There is always a silent communion going on between the individual soul and the invisible Presence.  This communion should become a conscious union of the self with the Over-Self, of the mind with the Spirit, of the personal with the Universal.  As the artist communes with the essence of beauty and gives birth to form...

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Posted by accadmin | 16 July 2016| Inspiration, News, UFBL Ministers, Uncategorized

Are you allowing your circumstances to dictate your reactions? If so, remember that one of the best ways to improve your circumstances is to improve yourself. A recommended area for improvement might be to just stop complaining. All too often we fall into the trap thinking that complaining is the same as correcting. When we...

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