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Masters of Divinity Program

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) is a graduate degree in theological education. This program is designed to prepare men and women for a full-time professional ministry. Those who enter this program must have a Bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) from an accredited college or university. However, others may take the courses offered for professional development as an auditor.

Ministerial / Ordinand Program

This program prepares students to become candidates for ordination by the Universal Foundation for Better Living (UFBL). Students are given the tools to build a strong biblical, historical, theological and ethical basis for ministry. This process is based on the understanding that ministry may take different forms: pioneering a new work, assisting in an established ministry, working in outreach situations (prisons, hospitals, armed forces, etc.). It is the position of the UFBL that in order to prepare people to function effectively in ministry, certain skills must be developed. Therefore, emphasis is placed on the practice of ministry through preaching, teaching, administration and pastoral care.

UFBL Teacher Training Program

The Teacher Training Program provides an opportunity for committed students of Truth to become Licensed UFBL teachers.  It provides students the opportunity to embody the principles of the UFBL message and develop the skills necessary to facilitate and teach our certificate classes.  The program is  a three year summer intensive program with a prescribed course of study, learning outcomes, and learning activities.

Masters Certificate Program

The Master Certificate & Masters Plus Program is a series of empowerment classes, to help students live a healthier, happier, and more prosperous life.  The Master Certificate classes offer a systematic study of the Jesus Christ teachings; and build one upon the other.  The classes offered in the Masters Certificate Program introduce students to the basic Truth principles espoused by the Universal Foundation for Better Living which are the basis for ever sermon and lesson.

Online Classes

The Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary now offers online courses in several UFBL educational programs.

  • Master & Masters Plus Certificate Program
  • CEU UFBL Continuing Education Units
  • Ministerial Training Program
  • Advanced Metaphysical Certificate Program
  • M.Div. Courses for seminary students

Diploma Programs for Church Lay Professionals

The purpose of the Lay Professionals Program is to offer instructional workshops to church professionals who manage programs in U.F.B.L. Churches, Centers and Study Groups. Diplomas signifying completion will be awarded at the conclusion of each program.

Minister/Teacher Scholar Program

This program is designed to assist ordained ministers and licensed teachers in their professional development. Those in these categories are encouraged to audit courses in the M.Div. program.

For more information, inquire at your local UFBL church or study group, or contact: Anna Price, Ph.D., Provost/ Academic Dean (305) 624-4991.

Visit the JCTS Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary website at www.jctseminary.org

Minister & Teacher Access Area

Contact the JCTS for more information. For all support materials and forms for ministers and teachers, including lessons sheets, continuing education credit forms, masters certificate forms, enter our password protected site. 

Contact Darnetia Parrott (darnetia@utruthcenter.org) if you need access information.

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