2018 JCTS Colloquium & Call for Papers

2018 JCTS Colloquium & Call for Papers

2018 JCTS Colloquium & Call for Papers

Posted by Mitchell Walthour | February 5, 2018 | Events, Johnnie Coleman Theological Seminary, Press Releases

A Call for Papers – For Immediate Release


Time Magazine, 2013

A number of polls for the past decade have revealed a steady decline in Americans’ weekly church attendance and overall religious affiliation. The data illustrates a decline among all generations but most visibly among Millennials. According to a 2015 Pew Research study, Millennials are displaying “much lower levels of religious affiliation, including less connection with Christian churches” when compared to older generations. The Barna Group surveyed Millennials and found “a general feeling that church is… not necessary—and, for some… harmful.” If the church aspires to survive to the next generation, then it must meet the needs of the next generation. During this 3-day forum, we will revisit our 2009 topic and further examine this trend of unaffiliated Millennials, how we got to this point, what the research suggests, what this means for the future of the church, and ways this trend can be remedied.

To indicate your interest in participating, please submit a 150 to 250-word abstract for your paper and a one-page resume by March 15, 2018 to the Reverend Dr. Anna Price, the Provost/Academic Dean, at aprice@jctseminary.org. The full finished paper is due by April 4, 2018. All materials should be submitted electronically as downloadable attachments, in Microsoft Word or a PDF format. Authors will be notified of acceptance by April 20, 2018.

Submission of an abstract indicates that the individual listed as the presenting author will, attend the meeting and present the paper onsite or remotely if the abstract is accepted. Papers will be included in the New Thought Scholar, the Seminary’s academic journal.

Submissions are encouraged for paper presentations, including but not limited to the following themes:

  • Which religious or non-religious factors are responsible for the disconnect between Millennials and the church? Is there evidence?
  • What does the current data NOT say or consider when examining the relationship between the church and Millennials?
  • What would Millennial Jesus’s opinion and response be to the church in the 21st century? What does the Bible say?
  • Is the Spiritual but Not Religious movement the new church of the new generation? Why or why not?
  • How did the church get to this point and how can it overcome?

We are looking for an informed perspective or methodology that equips participants to be effective thinkers, communicators, and practitioners of their education and faith.

More information about the Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary can be found at: www.jctseminary.org. Questions may be directed to info@jctseminary.org or at 305-624-4991.

The Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary is a nationally accredited institution that is committed to furthering the body of knowledge of original thinking and research in the field of New Thought.

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